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Panna Knock Out kooi

Panna Knock Out cage

To play the newest hype in the world you need a Panna Knock Out cage. The best tool to improve youth’s social skills.



We distribute Goalgetter inventions all around the world. For football players & all athletes, everybody can use our multifunctional products.

quick feet


Quickfeet goes back to 2005 and will return in 2022 on another level. Used over all continents in the past by players and coaches.

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Goalmaster Pro

Goalmaster allows players to improve their shooting accuracy and to compete with each other. Goalmaster has got a Pro and Pro Plus version.



Teqball is modern sport which is played globally. Compete in a 1v1 or 2v2 set up, wherever you want. With mobile and permanent tables.

ICON FC Groningen

Elite Skills Arena

The number one innovation company at the moment. With the ICON, Precision Wall and Wireless Circuit. Used by elite players and clubs.



Improve passing, reaction and dribbling with the orange and blue smartlights. Available in mobile sets or created in permanent Smart courts.


Football boarding

Simple and regular football boarding pitches to frame your field. For every imaginable sport but mostly used for football.

RB Leipzig 3

Sitsoccer table

This multifunctional table creates a competitive and relaxing enviroment together. Take a seat and score a goal or give a panna!

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