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FC Groningen: ICON research

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FC Groningen

We work closely together in an unique research with the sport science and innovation department of Eredivisie football club FC Groningen. We set up the ICON in the newest Topsportzorgcentrum in Groningen to get the scientific prove how the ICON improves the development of youth players, related to the field. This information needs to show the development of youth players from the academy while they train with the most advanced innovations of football. And will answer questions like, will technology improve players passing accuracy and does the players vision improve because of training in the ICON.

FC Groningen is one of the most innovative football clubs in Europe in the field of technology, and specific in data analytics. The club works a lot with ball and player tracking systems and now, in this triangle collaboration with the Dutch FA and Sports Innovation Partner, they collect more data to improve and follow the development of their youth players.

The Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, placed in the top 100 of Europe’s universities, is going to participate with their scientists to contribute in this scientific research. Previously, there already has been done some research to find the scientific prove of the development when players train in the ICON. Mostly in the field of passing accuracy, ball touches and total fitness.

The study will take place from February till June 2019 and information will be shared in the beginning of 2020.