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In depth with the Wireless Circuit

  /    /  In depth with the Wireless Circuit

Sports Innovation Partner offers various types of football training equipment to use in youth development programs. Next to the ICON, Precision Wall, SmartGoals and Xampion Football Tracking System we have the Wireless Circuit, which can be customized on every detail.
The Wireless Circuit is one of the most modern innovations in the football industry and the latest development from the Elite Skills Arena product range. The Circuit has been tested by several clubs and trainers in the past years before it is launched and today it’s just used by a few top innovative leading organizations. The aluminium wireless panels are created to allow coaches and players to create a set up which is fully based on their own vision, development program and match specific situations.

In General
Designed for professional training, the Wireless Circuit is a unique training product which can be utilised in specialised drills or incorporated into traditional individual and team training sessions. The Circuit is modular, and can be built with any combination of panels. We offer Rebound panels, Pass Through Panels, Goal Panels and Gates. Coaches have the flexibility with the Circuit to create their own exercises. The Circuit is made from the highest quality materials, each panel is fitted with wheels and is fully weatherproof. Assembled in 5 minutes, the product comes with a variety of innovative training exercises. Users can control the product from any device, and each panel connects to the master scoreboard panel by WIFI, and they can be placed up to 25M apart. The Circuit can be used with multiple players at a time.

Rebound Panel
An ESA Circuit can be made up of numerous combinations of different panels. Each Circuit must have one Master Rebound Panel. Rebound panels act in the same way as an ICON panel, lighting up for the player to hit and rebounding the ball back to the player. With the Rebound Panel you don’t need another player to make a one-two.

Pass Through Panel
A Pass Through panel uses the Beam Breaker technology. The panel is cut to provide an archway for a player to either pass the ball underneath to a teammate, or knock the ball through to themselves to collect on the other side. The Beam recognises when the ball passes through and awards the point. The Pass Through Panel is a very new and interactive way to test your passing accuracy. The gap of this panel can be made in any size you want.

Goal Panel
A larger version of a Pass Through Panel, the 1M x 1M Goal is fitted with 3 Beam Breakers. A player must pass/shoot the ball into the goal to set off the target, the net contains the ball in the goal.

Gate Panel
The Gate is designed to provide more realistic dribbling movements for the player. The Gate consists of 2 poles, placed up to 1.5M apart. A Beam Breaker is fitted at waist height. The player must break through the beam to set the target off, whether that be with or without the ball. The ideal way to test dribbling skills and speed in combination with the other panels.

Today, the Wireless Circuit has been used by several clubs and academies to test and develop players passing, receiving and awareness. Clubs like FC Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven, Leicester City and Brommapojkorna are using the Wireless Circuit for individual training sessions.