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The SpeedLab is a high advanced training concept to develop motoric and cognitive skills at the same time in a unique environment. The optimal coordination of the distinctive training areas is designed from a conceptual and training-scientific point of view and takes place in mutual exchange with all decision-makers. Sports scientists and sports engineers accompany the whole development process from planning to opening and beyond.


SpeedCourt is a patented, multifunctional measuring and training system. As a tactile sports system, cognitive and motor processes are equally taken into account in a unique way. Multidirectional changes of direction, reactive agility, perception, decision-making behaviour, and so on, can be realistically tested and trained in different exercise forms.

The different sizes and designs of the SpeedCourt allow for optimal, polysportive integration, both in existing premises as well as in new buildings. Due to the immense variety of our software SpeedPro, a very wide range of applications for various areas of sports, rehabilitation, science, media and events is created. The sensor technology used has proven to be precise and reliable for years.


SpeedDMS or Dynamic Movement Skills® is a technology and methodology program for professional athletes and amateurs of all ages. It can be applied to healthy athletes as well as integrated into rehabilitation.

By stimulating the central (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS), it supports the development and refinement of neuromuscular effectiveness and general motor skills. As a result, the variety and precision of movement is improved, both in linear running and in functional and explosive movements.